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"I am beyond ecstatic to travel. To discover the world through different cultures, surroundings while finding my inner self.There is so much beauty and magic in this inspiring world and I can’t wait to uncover all of it’s majestic, tranquil and rejuvenating features."

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Want more relatable?

"If she’s too good for you, my god, don’t leave her. Make an effort to be good enough instead."

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Take notes, boys.

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/ ॐ~ / welcome to wanderlust \ ~ॐ \


"Isn’t it fucking terrifying that no matter how many promises they made, no matter how long you’ve been together, someone can get up and walk out of your life without a second thought and you have to carry on living because the world doesn’t stop for any of us"

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Hi there! I'm Dania and welcome to my page. If there is anything to tell about myself, I would tell you that I am always open to new ideas. I love to read. I love to play piano. I love to write. I'm always here to talk to anyone who is willing to so please feel free to ask me anything! I spent a decent amount of my time blogging and listening to music. In the end, I'm pretty ordinary, have a lovely day love!

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